Pilot Programs


About Pilot Programming

One of Epicenter’s roles is to identify, pilot, scale, and invest in programs that fill demonstrated gaps in the ecosystem. This allows Epicenter to de-risk bold, new ideas that create system efficiencies, build strategic capacity in partner organizations, spur ideation and company creation, educate entrepreneurs, and/or grow existing small businesses. Often, our ultimate goal is to spin these programs back into the system or to a host partner after a testing and evaluation phase.

Here are a few programs that are currently in pilot:



This nine-week program serves aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs looking to launch a new product or service. During CO.STARTERS, participants develop and fine-tune their ideas, critically examining every part of it and tweaking their next steps through real-time feedback from people in the community in order to turn their passions into sustainable businesses. The program is offered several times a year and in different locations in our community.

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EIRs and XIRs

We recognize the need to connect entrepreneurs to those with subject matter expertise who can help them navigate and accomplish critical growth and funding milestones. We’re building a bench of these seasoned professionals and serial entrepreneurs who can offer mentorship, connections, and expertise needed to move local businesses forward. Currently, our community offers EIRs and XIRs who have expertise in capital, medical devices, logistics, IT, and minority business ownership.




In addition to early-stage accelerators, Epicenter is working with system partners to transition all tech programming to include year-round training and support for startups and scale-ups. Building on the region’s strength and expertise in distribution, Epicenter recruited two later-stage tech companies into the pilot Logistics and Supply Chain Incubation Program, which offers connections to potential local customers and mentors. Through these customer connections, our goal is that these companies will grow and hire in the Memphis region. The companies are supported by a Advisory Committee, comprised of local logistics experts and thought leaders.



Memphis Investment and Advisory Club

The Memphis Investment and Advisory Club is an informal convening of current and potential angel investors and advisors together with a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs spanning a wide range of industries. The goals of these events are to raise awareness about the dynamic and investible nature of Memphis firms and to activate a change in local capital and connection behaviors. As a result, we’re seeing new investments in local businesses, along with critical connections to customers, partners, and board members.



Collective Resource Table

Community Resource Table is a collective table of advisors from Epicenter partner organizations and programs that collaboratively meet with entrepreneurs to help them overcome challenges to reach set milestones.