As the front door to the entrepreneur ecosystem in Memphis, Epicenter collaborates with a network of partners to ensure that entrepreneurs have equitable access to the networks, ideas, people, capital and customers they need to launch and thrive.


Epicenter strategically connects and expands the network of support for all entrepreneurs in the Memphis region.



Our Strategy and Vision:


1. Create a community and culture of entrepreneurship.

This is a community where ideas and investments flow freely, bold and innovative solutions are encouraged, and entrepreneurs can easily find the resources they need at any stage of their business journey.


2. Grow a just and inclusive economy that benefits ALL Memphians.

We firmly believe that participation in entrepreneurship should mirror our city’s rich and diverse population. We work to identify and remove barriers so that everyone can have a fair shot at entrepreneurship.


3. Measure and celebrate the impact across our network.

Data collected from our partner organizations helps us identify where we are and determine how far we need to go. We openly share metrics between our local partners to calculate the overall impact of our work.



Epicenter is proud to present VITAL—a comprehensive impact report summarizing three years of the lessons we've learned while building a culture of entrepreneurship in Memphis. VITAL is part of Epicenter's mission to measure and communicate the impact of our collective work —with entrepreneurs at the center of it all.

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As the hub of the Memphis entrepreneurial movement, Epicenter:

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Ensures that intentional inclusion strategies are integrated into all programs

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Attracts innovations and entrepreneurs to Memphis in areas of opportunity that are linked to our regional strengths.

Develops easy access to seed- and early-stage capital and attracts out-of-state investment capital

Helps build capacity of existing support organizations in strategic areas

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Pilots, scales, and invests in programs that fill demonstrated gaps in the ecosystem, spur ideation and company creation, educate entrepreneurs, and grow existing small businesses

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Leads programs that apply to the network broadly, creating system efficiencies (e.g. non-traditional capital, national branding, data collection)

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Develops and leads a strategy that connects entrepreneurs to tech, ideas, capital, customers, talent, and spaces

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Serves as a central contact point for accessing entrepreneurial resources in the network

Provides impact data, grant support and evidence of network fit to support fundraising by partner organizations

Leverages public spending, funding, investments, and planning as a force for growth

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Collects, measures, and reports the economic impact of entrepreneurship in Memphis


Pilot Programming

One of Epicenter’s roles is to evaluate, scale, and invest in programs that fill demonstrated gaps in the ecosystem.

This allows Epicenter to test new programs and ideas that create system efficiencies, build strategic capacity in partner organizations, spur ideation and company creation, educate entrepreneurs, and/or grow existing small businesses. Often, our ultimate goal is to spin these programs back into the system or to a host partner after a testing and evaluation phase.


Invest In Memphis

Your tax-deductible donation to Epicenter, a 501(c)(3) organization, helps scale programs and investment for entrepreneurs across our region. You can also support entrepreneurs by donating your time via mentorship, expertise and general business support by e-mailing us at